Ordination First Steps


You’ve taken a huge step forward in your ministry efforts by becoming an ordained appointed minister with Street Bishops International Ministries.

What’s next?

A Plan. If you don’t have a solid ministry plan, then how in the world can you know what to do next?

And we are here to help you. So here is your first assignment, if you choose to take it.

Developing a Ministry Plan

  1. Open a notebook or your computer and start with a clean page.
  2. Without numbering or any organization, begin writing, one entry per line, WHY you want to start your ministry or WHY you now have a ministry. There should be at least 5 items listed.
  3. Next, WHAT you want the individuals to gain, in real terms, from your having touched their lives with your ministry.
  4. Then, write down HOW you will know if you were successful.

After your complete this assignment, send it to Secretary@StreetBishops.com

Rev. Lance will make comments and then send you the next assignment to move forward.

Always ask questions and participate in the Bridge Group you are assigned to.

Lets Rock and Roll for Jesus!!