Street Bishops Ministry - Supporting Christians in Starting and Growing an Effective Ministry to Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Answer your call from God to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Each of us has a calling from God. Each of us has our own conversations with the Holy Spirit. Each of us relies on the power of the resurrection to begin anew each day facing the challenges of our mission to shepherd ourselves first, then our flock. This is the life of a God-centered life and ministry.

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We can join together to support one another in our work for God and in support of those we minister to each and every day. And we can support each other in growing the reach and effectiveness of our ministries. That is the purpose of Street Bishops.

Our Ministry

Here at Street Bishops Ministries, since 2002 we have been reaching out to you, the small and medium-sized ministries, both new start-ups and seasoned, to bring our experiences, talents, and advice to not only provide a home for you but to provide the knowledge and resources to grow.

The more you know, the more effective you can be. The less time you have to spend learning about the business and operations of a ministry, the more time you can invest in the specifics of your mission work. So join us here at Street Bishops and let’s make this a partnership, a relationship that supports you as you move your ministry forward as we all serve our individual callings.

Street Bishops is here to provide you with education and services in the following areas:

  • Wedding Ceremony
  • How to start and run a successful ministry
  • 501(c)3 – do you need it? How to get it.
  • Church/Ministry Membership
  • Fundraising
  • Daily Administrative Issues
  • Youth Services Planning and Execution
  • Discover what Youth Groups want today
  • and more.

One of the many ways we can assist you in standing up your ministry is by offering you ordination. To learn more and get your immediate appointment, go to this page.

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