Ordination FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I don’t live in the United States, can I still get ordained by Street Bishops?
    Yes, we’ve been appointing ministers from around the world for 20 years.
  • With what religious group are Street Bishops affiliated?
    Street Bishops is an independent protestant church that is home to Christians of all denominations. We are truly independent and so are our clergy. Our goal is to bring Christ to the world while serving our community through various ministries. We act out the walk of Jesus Christ through service and compassion as our ministry focus to bring others to know the Lord. Preaching is the last resort!
  • What is the process?
    1. Complete the form below. 
    2. Choose your preferred title: Reverend, Minister, Pastor, Missionary, Chaplain, Brother, Sister, Father, etc.
    3. Click Submit to send this information to us.
    4. Ordination is free. If you want formal documents, you can pay the $25 ordination fee.
    5. Receive your ordination papers within a week or less.
    6. Contact us as much as you’d like to get guidance and advice!
  • Do I have to annually renew my ordination?
  • Are there any other fees associated with becoming a part of Street Bishops Ministries?
    No. Ordination is free. Just $25 one time if you want to receive formal documents.
  • Can I be a member of the organization without seeking ordination?
    Yes. Just join the mailing list and subscribe to the YouTube channel.
  • Is my ordination good in my state?
    An ordination is valid worldwide. Whether your local courthouse or state government recognizes it is a state issue. The only states to have been known to have issues are Tennessee and Kentucky, but not recently.
  • Can I get assistance in doing my first wedding? Can you give me examples of wedding ceremonies to get me up and going?
    Yes. An entire website of ceremonies, vows, and information.
  • I want to start a ministry, can you help me decide which one and help me with a plan and paperwork?
    Of Course!
  • Can I get help by email or phone starting my ministry or other questions?

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