Street Bishops Ministries have been a blessing to many men and women over the years as they seek an avenue to begin a ministry. We have provided ordination, credentials, leadership, and moreover these nearly 15 years, and feel so blessed to have been able to do so.

Why become Ordained?

There are times when either the Lord has called you to serve and obtain an ordination or when you feel that you need the ordination for organizational, legal, or other purposes. Street Bishops breaks down the roadblocks and provides you ordination, appointment, as you feel you need it. It is affordable and never expires. It can be an invaluable asset when speaking to others in authority, applying for certain grants, and establishing yourself as the head of your ministry.

The Process

If you would like to apply for ordination, then use this form below.  Once we receive the form and the $45 processing fee plus $6.50 for USPS Priority shipping, we will process your paperwork to join us. The ordination committee meets twice a week. Most all that request appointment are granted it. We want to enable you to serve as God leads you.

Apply today!

  1. Complete the form below.
  2. Click Submit to send this information to us.
  3. Use your credit or debit card to pay the fees.
  4. Expect your ordination papers within a week or so.

Street Bishops Ordination Application

  • By checking the box below, I affirm that my purpose for requesting ordination is for benevolent purposes only and that I further affirm that I will hold Street Bishops harmless for any situation I may place myself in as a result of accepting this ordination.