Stronger as Partners
Stronger as Partners

Street Bishops Ministries have been a blessing to many men and women over the years as they seek an avenue to begin a ministry. We’ve provided ordination, credentials, leadership, and more over these nearly 15 years, and feel so blessed to have been able to do so.

Something New

In the last year, it has become apparent that there are many church leaders who either already have ordination with another church or organization, but seek to join our dynamic “out of the box” ministry team. Often their church employers or church leaders prohibit them from having multiple ordinations. But they still want to be a part of Street Bishops.

So we’ve created the Partner status within the organization. A Street Bishops Partner is very similar to ordination except that we do not formally “appoint” someone as an ordained minister, but instead, align them with us in a way that they can have many of the same advantages and information sharing, without the complications of ordination within their existing group as mentioned above.

Why become a Partner?

Starting or supporting a ministry, small or large, requires as much input from others who have been down the development and leadership road before you. As a partner with Street Bishops, you can access information from the team including:

  • How to Group Your Membership – Marketing Salvation
  • How to Use Social Media Safely
  • How to Use You Tube Videos to Go International
  • What Counseling Practices Apply
  • Answers about Taxation
  • Resources concerning Technology – Computers, Sound Systems, Cell Phones
  • Discover what Youth Groups want today
  • How to start and run a successful Wedding Ministry
  • and much, much more.

The Process

The process of becoming a Street Bishops Partner is as easy as completing the form located here. As with our ministers that are ordained, we will provide you with a certificate of Partnership and assign you to a Bridge Group.

You will find $25 gift to our ministry to be a blessing right back to you as we teach you how to expand your ministry membership and income.

Become a Street Bishops Partner today!

Street Bishops Ordination Application
Briefly describe what you area of ministry is.

By checking the box below, I affirm that my purpose for requesting ordination is for benevolent purposes only and that I further affirm that I will hold Street Bishops harmless for any situation I may place myself in as a result of accepting this ordination.