Leadership Support
Leadership Support

What are they?

When you are leading your ministry, it can often be a lonely task. Whether you have three people or three hundred on the team or in the congregation, there are times – many times – when you need to consult with leaders who are outside the circle. Street Bishops has developed Bridge Groups of church leaders who use each other as sounding boards and peer counselors to exchange information, share ideas, ask questions, and sometimes just plain complain to. Your Bridge Group is a place where your thoughts and needs can be addressed without airing that laundry within the congregation or ministry.

Why have them?

The power of a confidential Bridge Group just cannot be overstated. Within a ministry there are individuals who, much our disappointment, thrive on our weaknesses and will leverage them to divide the ministry. None of us know why this is so, but it is an age old problem. One way to leverage against such individual behavior is to keep the weak moments, the hard questions, the vulnerabilities outside the ministry leadership and congregation. Our Bridge Groups do just that.

Your opportunity

If you are a member of Street Bishops, whether as an ordained minister or as a ministry leadership partner, you are eligible to join a Bridge Group. You simply complete the form below and our staff will assign you to a group. Once you are assigned to a group, you will then be given a special email address that you can send your thoughts, questions, problems and other issues to. That information will be shared anonymously with your group. Rev. Lance will collect feedback from the other Bridge Group members and record a video with a review of that information and his person feedback. You are then at liberty to watch that video, use the information, or simply do nothing but have the peace of mind that your thoughts have been addressed.

Professional Privacy

Four times a year, each quarter, the Bridge Groups will meet via video conference. At that time, each participant can remain anonymous or disclose who they are if they choose. Each Street Bishop minister or partner has their own level of disclosure and we here at Street Bishops honor and protect those wishes.

 How to join

If you seek ordination, of course you can visit this page to request ordination to serve God under the leadership of Street Bishops and receive your credentials. That takes a couple days to complete. After that, you’ll automatically assigned to a Bridge Group and get that notification.

If you do not seek ordination but simply want to be an official partner with Street Bishops is service to our Lord, then you can register, receive your letter or partnerships, and you’ll automatically assigned to a Bridge Group and get that notification.

If you are already a Street Bishops Minister or Partner, fill out the form located here and we will assign you to a group. In all three cases, once you are assigned to a group, you can begin to send your questions, thoughts, challenges, etc and we’ll address them as they come.

May these Bridge Groups bless all that you do and bring a little more peace to your ministry team!